ur favourite fictional character was once just someone’s oc


Anyone up for a Bad-Movie Marathon from Friday evening to Saturday evening?

That’s right folks, huckly and I will be hosting streams of some of Hollywood’s prime examples of atrocious movies that you just gotta see.

On Friday starting at 8:30 pm CST (6:30 PST) I will be starting the marathon with Birdemic: Shock and Terror, a sensational hit followed by the ever offensive Titanic: the Animated Movie, and the thrilling adventure of a movie, Sharknado.

On Saturday at 8:30 pm CST (6:30 PST), Tessa will be hosting a personal favorite, the ever-cringeworthy The Animated Adventures of Tom Sawyer and the old classic but still well-adored by all fans of Tommy Wiseau, The Room. Then, at the end of the string of bad movies, we’ll be treated to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and all its comedic glory, for being good sports and enduring such torture.

All are welcome to both streams to face this series of just the base of Hollywood gold, so feel free to come and go anytime (seriously, if you can last through them all, you’re a trooper—consider this a challenge of will-power).

Well that’s not too crazy. When I was little my eyes were ROXAS-BLUE. Now they are pale green. We are not sure what happened—but I figure that happened to Tom’s eyes. I’ve been playing with the idea of making Tom a redhead now. Twain loved red hair.

I can’t remember which one of us, but either me or my sister (or both) had the reverse where it was green eyes when we were little that turned a kind of turquoise/blue as we grew up.

Aww Tom would make a cute red-head~ kinda like that Johnny Whitaker kid.

Curse that old photo-technology—Tommy Kelly is super-ginger too but it’s hard to tell with technicolor. /&that’s because my old doodles are lost to time (elementary/middle school era). Back then Tom was platinum blond.

Now I remember a blonder Tom for sure. They just grew out of their little kid genes and mellowed out to what they are now, happens all the time. uvu

Unless they keep getting older and their eyes and hair change hues every couple of years.

Hey, Mark Twain himself was a ginger, but he was Scottish descent. My original Huck design was the stereotypical red hair/green eyes. But eventually he leveled out to auburn hair/blue eyes (green transferred to Tom).

I keep forgetting he was. Your comparisons between him and Tom just made me think his hair was darker, closer to dirty blond (can you blame me though? His photos don’t really give a broad range of the color spectrum).

I don’t think I remember seeing your original Huck from when I looked through your art tag that one time we did the trade. Or maybe I did and thought it was Joe.


I will know my life is successful when I have a library with a rolling ladder


Holy cow I forgot I had a butterscotch in my pocket! 8D

huckly replied to your post “huckly replied to your post pfff—I don’t think it was /meant/ for me,…”

Yeah, I think it’s because people tend to mix Huck with Jim if they have not read the book. // personally I consider him Irish-descent because Mark Twain made the joke with his illustrator, E.W. Kemble, that he looked “too Irish” in the frontispiece.

I can get on board with that. It reminds me of that John Falter illustration of ginger Huck—which would probably be argued as “too Irish” but I still dig it.

End result: Huck is one of the whitest kids you know.

huckly replied to your post

pfff—I don’t think it was /meant/ for me, but do you want my two cents on it? By n’ by, I think you explained it rather well. uvu

Aw thanks uvu I was just confused about what prompted them to ask me when I don’t really recall making it known I know a whole lot about him. It was probably the post I reblogged prior to the ask. If you’ve got more to add to it, you’re more than welcome to back me up!

It was a nice challenge though, doing a character analysis on someone whose book I haven’t read yet. I’d just feel more comfortable doing it when I’ve read the material first.