I now understand why it’s called “Where the Red Fern Grows” and I hate that I do.

Dogs are better than people: the book.

Ah, that book. I reread parts of it not too long ago to see if it was as traumatizing as I remember, and yes. Yes it is.

I remember reading it up to the point where that one kid gets killed—that part scarred me for sure in 5th grade.

I ought to check it out now after I watched the movie, haha :’D

I now understand why it’s called “Where the Red Fern Grows” and I hate that I do.

please be careful in getting your tattoos, make sure the example pictures from your artist don’t show any raised or bumpy tats. )B

TRACK NAME: Gypsy Flee
ALBUM TITLE: A Kiss Before You Go
ARTIST: Katzenjammer


Song of the Day:

Gypsy Flee - Katzenjammer

Dude I listened to this while riding Space Mountain and it was the COOLEST THING. Listening to a song is one thing. But physically feeling it is something completely different and surreal.

Roller coasters + music = fucking insane and crazy awesome.



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Wooooh. Someone should write a story about this and send it to me.

I think Lewis Carroll wrote one on this room.


They’re a pretty awesome band and they always wear such pretty dresses…


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Here’s a first look at the show I worked on at Cartoon Network!

This looks absolutely amazing. Took my breath away a little.

it looks very Takashi Nakamura

let’s just make these art series into a thing, you guys, lets give this a billion views




lambormaam: When his blog had a playlist, that song was on it. I love Katzenjammer.

Dude I listened to his playlist all the time when it was on there. My sister and I loved it~ A bunch of the songs I remember I’ve associated with him since. I even have Red Right Hand on my iphone, it’s kinda funny :’D

Awwww! <3

I have both the Katzenjammer albums…I recommend them highly. This is the Ned song.

That one’s good too! I love Nick Cave.

I tried really hard to stay (mostly) away from steampunk-y kinds of themes/musics with him - I felt it would be too easy to fall into those world-building ideas and he didn’t seem that way in HiNaBN.

Shoot, I need to listen to more of Katzenjammer! I just tried out Gypsy Flee and that…that’s THE COOLEST!

Aww, Ned’s song is so fitting, the style in how it’s sung matches the aesthetic of his world. uvu

I’m actually really glad about the route you steered his playlist. While steampunk is easy for a man made of clockwork, I thought the music you picked out for him expanded his personality a little more than just his exterior works—like, it showed me a dismal side… but like it belonged there and it was something I was content with. Part of why I loved his playlist is because the music made me understand what you were going for with him, and it just kind of intrigued me. So—me being the kind of person who gets inspired with music and such—you gave me a really nice impression on the old man that just drove me to wanting to learn more.